Get all wood routing problems solved with Bosch 1617EVSPK

Ever since I started my career as a professional woodworker, I’ve found wood routing as one of the key areas of my job. The quality of the work much depends on how perfectly the routing is done. It all depends on two factors: one is the experience and training one has got and the other, the tools which he is using for routing the wood.

In my long journey as a professional woodworker for the last fifteen years, I have tried and tested many wood routers for varying routing needs at my workplace. I had never been satisfied with the quality of routing that I ended up.

Bosch 1617EVSPK 2.25 HP Router

Much depends upon the finest tools along with the skills of the woodworker in producing the finest quality. What tools are you using for routing the wood? The question is simple. And it is not difficult to find an answer. But it takes keen observation and long practice to come to a conclusion and suggest one for you.

Let me admit that I have faced numerous problems while I was routing the wood. The problems vary when the toughness of the wood changes. It depends on the wood you are routing. You can decide the right speed and the depth you want only after assessing the nature of the wood you are using for the work.

Bosch 1617EVSPK: A panacea for all wood routing problems

Honestly, it proved to be a panacea for all the problems I have encountered while I was at work. The superb features and the operational ease have made it one of the most useful tools.

I don’t have any hesitation to recommend the tool for any woodworker whether he is an amateur or professional. Whether novice or experienced, the problems are similar though understanding and skill of the worker differ.

The Problem of durability

It is obvious that durability of the tool is a vital aspect when it comes to the life of the tools one uses. Unfortunately, if it becomes a big issue there is no point in opting for the tool.

When you are in the middle of an important and urgent work and if your router troubles you, what will you do? It is one of the most wretched experiences to have when your favourite tool fails you.

I see durability and toughness of the instrument to withstand heavy duty when I select routers for my work. Fortunately, my long search has come to an end with Bosch 1617EVSPK.

The problem of sudden start

Nothing is more dangerous when the instrument you are using surprises you with abrupt starting. Not only will it lead to more torque but it will also cause serious injuries for the woodworker if he is not careful enough.

I strongly suggest a router that starts smoothly and softly. It not only reduces the torque but also provides you with the time to operate it efficiently with careful and gradual movement of the router.

Bosch 1617EVSPK - A panacea for all wood routing problems

The dilemma of Fixed base or Plunge

In choosing a proper wood router, it is not unnatural to find many woodworkers to fall in a dilemma. It is a question of going for either a fixed base one or a plunge router.

Frankly, many of the woodworkers need both the routers. It is a question of investment for a beginner who has independently started his wood working career.

I wanted to have a tool that can be used as both. My problem got resolved with Bosch 1617EVSPK which combines the features of both the routers.

The problem of consistency in speed

Another important problem that I have faced is the sudden drop in the speed when hallowing a hard wood piece. The job never completes in time! Unless we have a tool that is consistent in its speed that we have chosen, it is of no use for us.

I have found the router that I have named above as one of the most amazing machines I have ever seen. The advanced technology that is used in making the router makes it awesome which allows it to perform consistently at the same speed. I love the efficiency of this machine in keeping its speed consistently so well. It’s truly amazing.

The question of time

Many manufacturers promise that their routers are flexible and they can be used both as a fixed base and a plunge router. The problem is with the time it takes to convert the plunge into a fixed one and vice-versa.

Opt for the Bosch machine that I mentioned above as it does not take much time to convert into the one you like. It just takes only a few minutes. Thanks to the quick clamp system!

The Problem of varying speed requirements

As a woodworker you must be knowing it too well that you need routers that work at different speeds. The toughness of the material that we want to route and the depth of the routing that we require determine the speed we need.

I just cannot imagine how it is going to be economical and practically possible for a woodworker to maintain a good number of routers for different speeds. I wanted one router that can vary in its speed limits.

The router that has a minimum 8,000 rotations per minute to nearly 25,000 rotations per minute is an ideal one in the tool kit of any woodworker. The router I recommend just meets that requirement perfectly.

If I can find a tool that solves all the problems that I mentioned above, that is going to be the most useful router undoubtedly.

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What Else You Could Do With Coffee Filter

Ever since the cold brew coffee technique became so popular lately, the other thing that became popular too is coffee filter. Cold brew is a coffee brewing technique that basically you brew your coffee with cold water, instead of hot water, put it in the fridge, and let it do its thing for a whole day. Then on the next day you need this coffee filter to strain and separate the coffee and the grinded coffee beans.

Coffee Filter

This tool is not only for the cold brew coffee technique. Other technique also use coffee filter because it is so useful in filtering between the beans and the coffee itself. That’s what it is for right. There are two kinds of coffee filter, the permanent coffee filter, so you could use it forever, and the other one is a disposable coffee filter, you could only use one then throw it to the garbage can.

For those coffee lovers might be interested in buying one of these, but sometimes they  come in a bundle and you might be thinking that is too much you might be wondering what else could it be used for. Those who are not really into coffee, might not be interested in buying one of these because you might think that you are not going to use it as a coffee filter. Let me tell you other uses of this coffee filter, which is A LOT, that could be useful for everyone.

  • As a disposable bowl: When you are out having a picnic, or while having a big gathering in the house, or while watching, this coffee filter could be a great ideas rather than the usual disposable bowl. This is a great bowl for snack, popcorn, candy, or nuts.
  • As a trash bowl that you put on your table. So whenever you are on your table, and got any trash, you could put it on the coffee filter trash bowl then after that you could put in the garbage. This is a great idea if you still using a pencil sharpener, so you could put the waste in the trash bowl.
  • As a tool to clean up your windows, glasses, mirrors, chrome, because these coffee filter are lint-free so if you cleaning up with these coffee filter it will give you a super clean result and sparkling.
  • Some of you might not like those tea in the tea bag. But on the other hand, you like to use a tea bag because it is simpler and less messier because you don’t have to drain them. Well, now you could make your own tea bag using coffee filter, of course using your favorite tea.
  • A melting ice cream or popsicle, might stain your clothes. Even sometimes you didn’t even know that they are dripping. Stuck on a coffee filter through the stick so it will prevent the ice cream and popsicle to drip to your clothes and hand, this will works too with candle.

coffee filter is very useful

  • Protect your fine china: Whether if you are going to ship them, carry them, or even just keep them in the cupboard, a scratch on your fine china is always a nightmare. Layer one coffee filter under each of the fine china so it will stay safe.
  • Polish your shoes: Yes you can now polish your shoes, with a coffee filter as the applicator.
  • Clean out nail polish: Besides shoe polish, you could also remove nail polish with the coffee filter as the applicator.
  • When you are heating up your food in the microwave, coffee filter are great as the cover.
  • Squeeze lemon or lime or anything that has seeds that you need to squeeze it, if you do not have the tools to separate the seeds and the juice, now you could use coffee filter for that use.
  • Put your bacon, or anything that you have been fried, put them on the coffee filter so it will soak up the excess oil from the fried foods.
  • Turn your ordinary coffee filter to an extraordinary and colorful craft that you could use as a decoration.
  • If you keep your veggies, sometimes it will wilting very fast. Now you could keep your veggies from wilting very fast by put a coffee filter in the package which you keep the veggies. It will soak up or adsorb the excess moisture that produced by the veggies so it will keep fresh a little bit longer.
  • A holder: Coffee filter is a great way to be a holder for foods, such as hot dogs, sandwiches, tacos, burritos, and even bread. This would also perfect for kids to hold their foods.
  • Keep soil in the pot: At the bottom of the pot, you could put a coffee filter then you could fill the soil. When you water your plant, the water drips down and so does the soil, it happens a lot. So when you have coffee filter at the bottom, the soil will still be in the pot and the water could still drips down.
  • Small things might be hard to keep and sometimes it is hard to look for it. Coffee filter might be the answer for that. You could use it for a place to put any of your small things, such as rubber band or clippers. It will look more organized and when you need it, it will be easy to find.


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Best hand tools for carpentry

The chair you sit on, the bed you sleep in, the table you are served your food on, each one of them has been carefully crafted by carpenter(s) using some tools – mainly hand tools. A woodworker spends a great of time determining the kind of tools he requires for making furniture. So we have prepared a list of hand tools that every beginner woodworker must consider owning.



A work bench is the universe of a carpenter. It is where you would finish almost all of your wood projects. A good workbench is one which is wide and sturdy enough to endure all kinds of strains of various projects. It must have clampsand vises to hold wood in place.

Claw Hammer

Claw Hammer

Without a hammer, no furniture item can be ever made. It is perhaps the most basic and essential tool for carpentry. A claw hammer has claws at one end and a round flat surface on the other. It serves two purposes: driving nails in wood and pulling them out. Round smooth surface drives a nail in and claws pull it out if it is deformed or bent halfway. The top metal head of the hammer has some weight too. If it is too heavy, you will not be able to do hammering properly. If it is too light, it would be difficult to drive a nail in. Moreover, a rubber grip on metal or fiberglass handle is more comfortable for usage. So make sure you buy a hammer of appropriate weight and rubber grip for effective hammering.

Tape Measure


A tape measure is important for measuring precise lengths of wooden planks. It is suggested to have a tape measure of 2.5 cm width and around 5 m length. The hook should be firmly fixed to ensure accurate measurements. Tape measure’s lock helps in securing it and preventing it from rolling back in.



A chisel is mainly a tapered carving tool, and its sharp metal head helps in getting rid of unnecessary wood. A mallet can be used to hit the chisel to apply extra force, but make sure that its head is hard and has metal cap on it, to minimize wear and tear. For sharpening and honing the blade of a chisel, stones are a perfect choice than grinders.



Levels are important for determining the slope and ensuring horizontality of a piece of wood. The bubble in the enclosed liquid tells about the angle. If the bubble stays in the center of the liquid capsule, it means the wood is placed exactly horizontally.



Screwdriver is a must-have tool for carpentry. They are used in driving screws into wood and fixing woodworking machinery. It is preferable to own a screwdriver with switchable heads, so that both heads, flat and Phillips, are available to you all the time. A long screwdriver helps you achieve more torque for easy screw driving.

Nails & Screws

Nails & Screws

Each carpenter must have a good set of nails and screws. It should have nails and screws of almost all sizes since every furniture has different requirements. Nails are driven using hammer and their pointed ends prevents them from slipping on wood. Screws are driven using screwdrivers and their rings direct their movement in the material. Both nails and screws are good components for securing and bonding materials together.


Woodworking Clamp

Clamps are critical in woodworking as they hold wood and other materials firmly in place and do not let them slip under any circumstances. Be it sawing or planing, a clamp can turn out to be the best fastener. They are of two types: C and F clamps; the difference lies only in the way they are tightened.

Hand saw

Hand saw

A hand saw has two parts: a wooden handle and a metal blade. It is mainly used to cut materials into two. However, it can also be used to straighten edges and cut curved shapes. Its blade can be either flexible or rigid, depending upon your preference. Quality is an important factor when considering buying a hand saw.


hand planer

A planer is used to decrease the thickness of a wooden plank and give shape to it. It removes wood in thin layers. It helps you achieve your desired level of thinness which a sandpaper cannot do easily. It can remove timber patches too.



Sandpaper is an abrasive paper. It works like planer too but it removes only removes small amount of wood. Its assists in smoothening the surface and scraping paint off a surface. Sandpaper can be wrapped around a sanding block to form a flat surface for comfort and ease.

Try Square

Try Square

A try square is imperative for straight cutting. It helps draw straight lines on wood or any other material. Or alternatively, it can be used to see how straight a wood has been cut. Try square can be used to form exactly 90 degree edges or squares. Try square consists of a wooden hand and a metal blade, both attached perpendicularly to each other.


Rubber Mallet

Mallets are essentially big hammers because they work alike. Mallet is a bigger version of a normal hammer since it has a big head and delivers more impactful force to the object being struck. One noticeable distinction between mallet and hammer is that mallet does not harm the object it strikes against, unlike hammer. So mallets are efficient for driving objects into materials.

We hope this introductory article helps you understand your tools well.

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10-Minute Home Improvement

Floor Plans and Your Plans 

It’s been said that the only constant is change. That’s certainly true when it comes to our homes. As soon as we move into a new residence sometimes even before-we begin making changes. We paint walls, tear up old linoleum, replace light fixtures, and plant shrubs. The popularity of TV shows, such as PBS’s This Old House and those aired on HGTV (Home and Garden Television) and the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Network, attests to our passion for home improvements. In recent years, the number of home-and-garden magazines has burgeoned – offers subscriptions to more than 350, with Martha Stewart Living in the number one spot. Home store chains that sell building supplies continue to proliferate and show healthy profits.

Home Decorators Art of Living Room 

If you’re like most Americans, you’ll probably make some changes in your living space this year. Maybe you’ve purchased an older house that needs some updates, or your kids have left the nest and you want to convert a bedroom into an office. Perhaps your home suffered damage in a storm, or it’s just looking a little tired and needs some refurbishing. Or maybe you’re planning to sell and figure that a bit of sprucing up will help you fetch a better price for your property. Regardless of the improvements you intend to make, proper planning and clarifying your objectives ahead of time will enable you to save money, time, and aggravation.

Know Thyself 

Updating your home may seem to be a practical, rational, logical endeavor, but start ripping out kitchen cabinets, hanging wallpaper, or shopping for paint colors and you’ll soon notice how emotional the process is. Turning a grown child’s bedroom into a home office may trigger empty-nest sadness or fears about aging. Repairing damage done by a fire could stir up feelings related to the trauma. Power struggles can erupt between household members over whether to purchase a new sound system or sofa. 

Many of our choices are emotionally based, too. You might decide to install a wood-burning stove or claw-foot bathtub because they remind you of Grandma’s country cottage. An intelligent, educated woman I know opted for lots of built-in bookcases in her living room, even though it was more convenient to store her books in her office, because books symbolize the self-image she wants to convey to all who visit her home.

It’s important to clarify your objectives before you begin knocking down walls and buying appliances. Ask yourself some basic questions:

  1. Are you making updates for your own benefit or to maximize your home’s resale value?
  2. Are you making changes for practical reasons or aesthetic ones?
  3. What’s your time frame for starting and completing the work?
  4. How much money have you budgeted for updates?
  5. What do you hope to gain as a result of the changes you make?
  6. What do you consider essential and what’s optional?
  7. Are your objectives short-term or long-term?
  8. Will you be making improvements in stages, over a period of time, or all at once?
  9. How much can you do yourself and what will require professional help?
  10. What outcome do you envision?
  11. What plans do you have for adjusting your lifestyle while work is taking place in your home?

When a partner, roommate, or family member is involved in the process, decision-making can become more complicated. Many couples have very different ideas, needs, preferences, and tastes. If the proposed changes will affect one person more greatly than another, perhaps that person’s concerns and choices should bear more weight. For instance, if one member of a family does most of the cooking, his/her decisions about how to redo the kitchen are paramount.

Best Home Decorators


Determine your priorities. It might help to make individual lists and rank the items each of you considers important; you may be surprised to discover what matters most to whom, and why. If you have your heart set on hardwood floors in the living room and your partner really wants granite countertops, incorporate these features into your plans, so that everyone gets at least some of the things they desire.

Be willing to compromise. When you can’t agree, try to find an alternative that’s acceptable to all concerned. If your partner wants to paint the master bedroom pink and you insist that blue is a better choice, maybe you can settle on yellow.

As in every area of life, your attitude about making home improvements will greatly influence the experience. View renovation as an adventure. Accept that you will encounter surprises and challenges along the way. Take advantage of the learning opportunities that arise. Be flexible, Pay attention to details, but don’t get caught up in them; keep your eye on the goal. Undergoing home improvements is like giving birth—once the mission is accomplished, you usually forget about the discomfort inherent in the process.

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Ten Kitchen Appliances You Must Have

Are you planning to buy some kitchen appliances for your home? When you go to shopping for buying them, the chances are that you will end up in confusion regarding what to choose and what to leave. With a decade long experience in home improvement and especially in designing kitchens that people love, I have a few suggestions for you.

Never do shopping without a fixed plan in your mind regarding the kitchen items you want to purchase. There is little difference between online shopping and physical shopping when it comes to buying things without a plan and a fixed budget. One advantage with online shopping is that you keep the items without actually paying for them at the end.

As customer you have always got an advantageous position when it comes to the selection of items for your use. You can spend time studying different options instead of blindly jumping into conclusions and repenting later. Here is a list of top ten items you must have for your kitchen.

Coffee maker

Coffee maker

Among the list of items I strongly suggest you to purchase for your home is a good coffee maker. If you are an ardent lover of taking coffee in the morning, you must have the coffee maker in your kitchen. Having a cup of hot coffee in the morning hours or after a hectic session at workplace, is the most relaxing experience.

By including the coffee maker in your list of things to purchase, you are assuring great mornings for you from now. A coffee maker is an essential item in any home if you or your family members like taking coffee. The task of making coffee is made easy with electric coffee makers.

Sandwich makers

Next in the list of most essential items for your kitchen comes the sandwich maker. To prepare your breakfast within minutes, preparing sandwiches are an excellent choice. It is easy to make sandwiches that are tasty at any time.

Sandwich makers

A Sandwich maker gives you greater flexibility in preparing snacks for your children. You need not worry about the time and energy you need to put for making breakfast items.



Toasters and sandwich makers go together. If you buy one without the other, you won’t gain much. When you have both the appliances ready in your kitchen, your job will be easier and more enjoyable. Have a toaster of the latest make and the best brand handy in your kitchen.



A kettle is the most common item you find in the kitchen. It is one of the most useful items in the list of most used items in the kitchen. Electric kettles make it easy for you to prepare tea or coffee within minutes. To have perfect and tasty tea, you must have a kettle to boil the milk and tea powder.

Rice Cookers

rice cooker

If you are a vegetarian, it is quite natural to find rice as the most common item in your lunch and dinner. Without a rice cooker, boiling rice is very tricky as you do not know how much water you should be using and how much time you should keep the burner in the high mode and when to reduce it to the lower mode.

An electric rice cooker makes the task of cooking rice easy. You will have perfectly cooked rice which you can relish eating.

Mixer grinders

A mixer grinder is a multi-purpose appliance in your kitchen. You can do many tasks using the mixers and grinders. You can grind anything conveniently and you can mix them perfectly by using the appliance.

Mixer grinders

Whether it is wet grinding or dry grinding, a mixer grinder is quite handy and serves you in many ways in the kitchen.  You can prepare a good number of dishes very tastily when you have a mixer grinder in your kitchen.

Microwave ovens

Microwave ovens

You just can’t imagine a modern kitchen without a microwave oven. It is one of the must have items in your kitchen. A microwave oven is a best friend for a housewife. Sometimes, you will have guests who arrive without any prior intimation or communication. To serve the unexpected guests, you must have the right tools at home and microwave oven is one such appliance. Microwave ovens make it easy for you to cook anything quickly or reheat any dish you have already prepared. There are a good number of dishes you can prepare in minutes with the help of a microwave oven.

Juicers and Mixers

The next important item after microwave oven is a juicer. Of course, there is no relation between a juicer and an oven. But you will certainly enjoy having some fruit juice after having something delicious. A juicer is an absolute must for every home.

Juicers and Mixers

Fresh fruit juices are healthy and they are highly recommended for all. Whatever your age is, you can plan to have at least one glass of fruit juice every day.

You can prepare a perfect and delicious fruit salad when you have the juicer and mixer at your hands. It makes it easy for you to prepare your favorite juice within minutes.

Electric Slicers

Electric Slicers

One of the most time-taking processes in cooking is cutting the vegetables into small and uniform size pieces. If you have an electric slicer, your task of cutting the vegetables or slicing them into small pieces will be very easy. You can complete the task of slicing within a short period of time.

Egg Boilers

Egg Boilers

Last but not least in the list of top ten items you must have for your kitchen is an egg boiler. Eggs form part of our everyday food, and you need to boil the eggs too often for making different dishes. Having an exclusive egg boiler makes the task of boiling eggs easy and quick. It saves your time.

In addition to the ten items I have mentioned above, there are many other small items which you come across when you visit an online shop or a departmental store physically. You have items like peelers, choppers, popcorn makers, corn kernels etc. There is no end to the list of items you find useful for your kitchen. It all depends on your budget and convenience.

In short, for keeping your kitchen user friendly, there are a good number of appliances which make different tasks easy to your beloved one. Much depends on your wallet. Happy shopping for kitchen appliances, don’t forget to get a print out of this list when you go for them.

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